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Re: Two wrongs do not make a right II

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
>Dr. Subroto Roy wrote:
>>What I fail to see is the
>>of bringing in past bad things that have happened in India in this
>>evaluation of incidents occurring in America.
>I cannot speak for anyone else but since you ask, here is my reason: to

>illustrate my point that we are as capable of bad deeds as anybody
>flip side is that we are as capable of glorious deeds as anybody else

Of course I agree.  I did not mean you had brought up this seeming
irrelevancy but others I think had; e.g. what happened to the Sikhs in
in 1984 or what happened at Parition was grotesque but not directly
to the evaluation of present incidents in America or Britain, unless, I
suppose, someone wanted to say that since Indians and Pakistanis came
such cultures themselves they had better get used to that kind of
in the West too.

However, I am snowed under and unable to continue this slightly


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