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Re: the truth about America....

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Vamsi wrote:

>Now...now, Ritu!  Did you miss my previous post?

No. I don't miss a single mail posted to this forum. The problem is not
I didn't receive your post, the problem is your inability to write
overblown rhetoric. It is hard to find a point in all the vitriol you
regularly spout.

>Here it is again: "The only 'fear' I
>have is that I may be surrounded by 'Indians' who neither have the
> >capacity nor the
>courage to rationalize India's problems through a logical lens and
>they may be
>driven to fear their own country by paranoia and opportunism.

Just a thought - why would you [or anybody] want India's problems to be
rationalised? We are good enough at that anyway [as is every other
collection of human beings on the surface of this planet]. I thought
the point was to find solutions.


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