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Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

My simple assertion was that we are not going to leave our defense policy up
to the good NATO or some other "friendly nation".  I would prefer that India
shape its own path through history and let the world follow us if they choose
to.  For Indians to think that they are somehow part of a larger world without
having much say in the world is absolute blasphemy if not outright slavery!!

It is why we must NEVER forget May 11th, 1998 when we had to stand up against
the hegemonic nations to explain to them that we are a people united against
"ideological terrorism" and that our enduring freedom will be defended by
weapons of mass destruction if so necessary!!

Vamsi M.

Rahul Mittal wrote:

> However, I have always considered people who advocate the development of
> military power (and especially nuclear weapons for offensive purposes) as
> extremists, because it has not been the view of the majority of the people I
> have discussed the issue with. And although Mr. Vamsi does not reside in
> India, I think he would like us to all agree that he is a nationalist,
> despite his refusal to believe that other Indians residing abroad can be the
> same. If this is not hypocrisy, I do not know what is. Perhaps Mr. Vamsi is
> a part of the Indian diplomatic entourage in the United States? If I am
> incorrect in concluding that Mr.
> Vamsi is a nationalist, please inform me accordingly.

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