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Mr Sharma on individual rights

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

Mr Sharma says:
>Individual rights are gauranteed for any individual as
>inalienable rights - this means

that the person can
>invoke those rights if he/she feels that they have
>been violated.

-- nope; that is not what "inalienable" means;

It does not mean that nobody will
>violate your rights.

-- it seems to me that individual rights are most important to be
when you have some kind of mass body -- whether a State authority or a
of any kind -- ganged up against an individual;  by such a definition,
has been a lot of violation of individual rights in the United States
history, perhaps as much as elsewhere, perhaps less.

>The good about America is that the constitution
>gaurantees these rights to all - and who so ever
>wishes to invoke them is free to do that.
>But it also means that you should "invoke them if they
>are violated" - other wise any right is meaningless.

-- "So sue me !"  seems to me the result of such a position.

>Looking at civil rights history one would realise that
>the blacks got an amazing amount of freedom once they
>realised they could invoke their rights and went after
>protecting their rights.
>So this is the good in American constitution. So what
>was the bad again? Some guys not invoking their

-- ah! so there may be need for an NRI Martin Luther King Jr and
perhaps an
NRI Malcom X;  I should have seen that myself.    Quite so.  I trust
NRI/POI community is able to produce such leaders over time.  And also
music to go with it.

Subroto Roy

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