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Re: the truth about America....

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Excellent Ritu.  Cannot agree more.  I notice a distinct change in Vamsi
recent posts.  I always admired him in the past for straightforward
views.  I have sent him and all of you an article addressed to American
Muslims written by a Muslim. I am surprised nobody commented on it.  The

article stressed the exact theme.  Which is that if America is so bad,
the hell are you here still?  Especially, in Vamsi's case, where he
maintains India offers the same opportunities as America.  Has he gone
Did he come here to make a few bucks and then leave?  In that case he
say whatever he wants because he has not made a choice.  But if he made
choice to live here how does he justify to himself his reasons for being

here when America produces such negative feelings in him?  Where is the
moral authority?

When all the cows come home there must be something good in America that

outweighs the bad or you are a man with impaired abilities to
You come here, you trash everything this country has to offer, you ride
highways, sleep in its safe neighborhood and work in its offices or labs
whatever and then you bash the U.S.  How can one live with such
contradictions?  By all means critique weaknesses and deficiencies- and
America has many- but praise what needs to be praised as well.  Truly
speaking, I am at a loss to comprehend him.

For entrenched immigrants like myself, love for India is a private
which I recite in private because I am keenly aware of its inherent
hypocrisy.  Many people here, like myself, secretly harbor a sense of
for not doing their share of service for their motherland and the
gets pronounced with the passage of years.  But most of us are between
rock and the hard place.  It is a personal tragedy for first generation
immigrants like us and permeates thru our beings.  As ordinary
we lack the monastic strength to uproot ourselves from all the little
corners we built here and go back home where home is distant, unknown
not specifically looking for us.  If a leadership rises in India which
requires our expertise and knowledge in whatever we do and sincerely
us home, I guarantee there will be an exodus.   I have spoken to many
eminent and experts in their fields, and the common theme resonates.

We are all vampires like Drakula.  We can only enter a home when



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> Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

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> Vamsi wrote:
> >Rahul Mittal wrote:
> >
> > > I hope Mr. Rao that you are not implying that people who leave
> for
> > > opportunities abroad do not care for their homeland.
> >
> >This is exactly what I would imply!!  India offers just the same kind

> of
> >opportunities
> >but many immigrants look for an easy way out!
> <L> India offers the same kind of opportunities? Vamsi, when did you
> last
> come to India? And did you actually open your eyes and look around?
> And having done that, did you actually *see*? I doubt it, because you
> would
> not have made such a patently ridiculous statement had you done so.
> As for the patriotism of the NRIs, tell me one thing, where does your
> above
> indictment leave you?
> And before you ask - I am an Indian born and bred. Have never lived
> anywhere
> else, have never felt the desire to do so either. You can't say the
> same,
> can you?
> Ritu

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