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Re: Shri Mitra on individual rights

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Mr Roy wrote:

<complete mail below>
> >liberties; I should like him to join me in
> condemning unequivocally and
> >unreservedly all cases of the violation of
> individual rights in America
> and
> >Britain recently where Indians, Pakistanis and
> others were removed from
> >trains and planes etc. or had other abuse or
> violence hurled at
> them.    To
> >learn the good of America and condemn its bad (as
> with any other
> country)
> >seems to me quite a natural response for any
> liberal.

Just one thought:

Individual rights are gauranteed for any individual as
inalienable rights - this means that the person can
invoke those rights if he/she feels that they have
been violated. It does not mean that nobody will
violate your rights.
The good about America is that the constitution
gaurantees these rights to all - and who so ever
wishes to invoke them is free to do that.
But it also means that you should "invoke them if they
are violated" - other wise any right is meaningless.
Looking at civil rights history one would realise that
the blacks got an amazing amount of freedom once they
realised they could invoke their rights and went after
protecting their rights.
So this is the good in American constitution. So what
was the bad again? Some guys not invoking their

But yes - I do condemn these acts, my point is they
are not a reflection on America.


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