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Re: the truth about America....

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

Now...now, Ritu!  Did you miss my previous post?  Here it is again: "The only 'fear' I
have is that I may be surrounded by 'Indians' who neither have the capacity nor the
courage to rationalize India's problems through a logical lens and that they may be
driven to fear their own country by paranoia and opportunism.  These are the same
cowards who criticize India endlessly - churning their mouthpiece until their brain is
tired and their fear takes over eventually!!"

Ritu Ko wrote:

> India offers the same kind of opportunities? Vamsi, when did you last
> come to India? And did you actually open your eyes and look around?
> And having done that, did you actually *see*? I doubt it, because you would
> not have made such a patently ridiculous statement had you done so.
> As for the patriotism of the NRIs, tell me one thing, where does your above
> indictment leave you?
> And before you ask - I am an Indian born and bred. Have never lived anywhere
> else, have never felt the desire to do so either. You can't say the same,
> can you?
> Ritu

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