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Re: Shri Mitra on individual rights

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

Barun Mitra wrote:

> Gandhi was thrown out of the train in South Africa over a hundred years
> ago. However, in 1999, following the super cyclone in Orissa that killed
> over 12,000 people, there were reports from many villages that the
> survivors often refused to touch the dead bodies of unknown victims,
> because they did not know the victims' castes. This is our country.

There are 500,000 babies dying each year due to the hare-brained American
foreign policies in Iraq and to this day (10 years later) the educated masses
in America cannot see past the hypocrisy of their own Government.  So, I am
wondering if the uneducated masses in India are a greater threat to world's
liberty than the educated and almighty Americans with their power to silence
the world through use of military force?!

You see Mr. Barun, a real libertarian would be worried more about the power
that Americans wield and the tendency to abuse it all over the world rather
than to fear the powerless uneducated masses within India!!

Vamsi M.

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