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Shri Mitra on individual rights

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> Shri Mitra says:
>"Just as I am
>>proud of the achievements of America as a part of common human
heritage. I
>>would like our society to learn from the best of all societies. And I
>>believe individual rights and liberty are universal values cherished
>I fully share Shri Mitra's stated commitment to individual rights and
>liberties; I should like him to join me in condemning unequivocally and

>unreservedly all cases of the violation of individual rights in America
>Britain recently where Indians, Pakistanis and others were removed from

>trains and planes etc. or had other abuse or violence hurled at
them.    To
>learn the good of America and condemn its bad (as with any other
>seems to me quite a natural response for any liberal.
>Subroto Roy

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