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Fw: Barun Mitra before the Berlin Wall

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
I had sent the enclosed to Shri Barun Mitra with my permission to
forward it
to the IPI debate if he wished with his response.  He has forwarded his
response without my letter in full, so here it is.

His response seems to be an exercise in sarcasm.   I expected more.

Subroto Roy

-----Original Message-----
From: Dr. Subroto Roy <drsubrotoroy@id.eth.net>
To: liberty@giasdl01.vsnl.net.in <liberty@giasdl01.vsnl.net.in>
Cc: Vamsi Musunuru <vamsi@siliconcorp.com>; priyodorsi@hotmail.com
Date: Wednesday, October 24, 2001 8:10 AM
Subject: Barun Mitra before the Berlin Wall

>Dear Barun,
>I have (in Freedom First recently) distinguished between Indian
>before the fall of the Berlin Wall and those after the fall of the
>Wall.    As you know, a lot of people are liberals in India now, 12
>after the fall of the Berlin Wall.    You may agree that there were
just a
>few dozen before the fall of the Berlin Wall.  Where was I personally,
>might ask?   Well, you can check the lead editorial of The Times of
>on May 29 1984 which was written about my IEA work "Pricing, Planning
>Politics: A Study of Economic Distortions in India", a study which
>Sabhlok very kindly put on the IPI website recently.   You can also
>out Cambridge University's library where you will find my PhD Thesis
>liberty and economic growth: preface to a philosophy for India" done
>FH Hahn and examined by Bliss and Hutchison.   Finally, there are
>unpublished records at the University of Hawaii about the perestroika
>India project I was leading there at great personal risk and cost to
>the story of how the results of this reached Rajiv Gandhi just before
>death and then became the origins of the 1991 economic reform allegedly

>started by Narasimha Rao and Manmohan Singh has just been published in
>latest issue of Freedom First.
>So when you say,
>"Think of all the allies we tried to acquire over the past fifty
>>We the largest democracy, were the closest ally of Soviet Union, Cuba,

>>the rest of the gang."
>you know that I was well and truly in the classical liberal camp at a
>when it was dangerous to be so as a young Indian economist, when
>official ideology was Sovietesque.
>My question would be: where were you?   In actions that is, not merely
>reading Ayn Rand in Delhi.
>If in fact you were not doing very much, then your subsequent position
>12 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall has to be explained rather
>better.   Your remarks:
>>As for America, post Sept 11, some of my friends have told me that
>>following the few incidents of attacks on Muslim, Sikhs and others in
>>aftermath of the terrorist attacks, many of their American friends are

>>going out of their way to express their solidarity with the various
>>groups in the US in an attempt to make them feel comfortable"
>betray an amusing naivete about the West.    Mahatma Gandhi was tossed
>South African train, and so have been Indians and Pakistanis in modern
>America; that surely cannot be justified by any of your "friends".
>I am sending this to you privately along with copies to Vamsi and
>you want to post this and any reply of yours to IPI, you are most
>do so.
>Subroto Roy
>PS  It is not a matter of being pro or anti America, but one of
>understanding America, India etc better.

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