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Re: the truth about America....

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

The only "fear" I have is that I may be surrounded by "Indians" who neither
have the capacity nor the courage to rationalize India's problems through a
logical lens and that they may be driven to fear their own country by paranoia
and opportunism.  These are the same cowards who criticize India endlessly -
churning their mouthpiece until their brain is tired and their fear takes
over!!  I am not denouncing America as much as I am asking fellow Indians to
stand up for our own and build a country which they dream of!  Admiring
America, no matter how wonderful the propaganda, is NOT your own and it will
NEVER be your own!  However, India gives us a chance to make something of our
own through courage, logic, hard work, and endless determination!

Vamsi M.

Ritu Ko wrote:

> Maybe the fear of appearing to be a servile immigrant prevents you from
> seeing how far you have bent in the other direction - right into
> paranoid suspicion and bitter denunciation.
> Ritu

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