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Re: the truth about America....

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
I don't understand what is being achieved by
US-bashing of the sort Vamsi is indulging in. Are we
seeking comfort in America's imperfections to hide our

But as much as I disagree with Vamsi on his comments
about America, Priyo, you are guilty of the same wrong
which you criticize Vamsi for.

Just as it is unfair to make generalizations about
Americans , it is equally ridiculous to make the sort
of generalizations you make about Indians. If your
generalization about America does not focus on the
rabble-rousing on radio talk shows, why should your
generalization of India focus on the words & deeds of
some fanatics? Just as we have to be understanding
about American xenophobic sentiment, why should the
same understanding not apply when we air our
sentiments when we are hurt (as Vamsi is in this

When we talk about violence in India when such events
take place, it is important to understand that this is
not limited to India and can be seen all across Asia
and even in parts of Europe. An important thing to
understand here is that almost all such violence is
mob driven and accompanied by poor law enforcement. It
takes minutes to collect 500 people in India, try
doing that even in New York and you won't get 20. And
quite clearly the law enforcement machinery in the US
is much more effective. One can hark back to the 60s
when there was no difference between the policemen in
Mississippi and the ones in Mumbai, when both stood on
the sidelines as KKK & Shiv Sena mobs robbed &

The basic point is that just because there wasn't
widespread violence doesn't mean the Americans are a
more tolerant people and just - they have all kinds of
people and it is just a question of who has an upper
hand at what point in time.

America has journeyed through its own trials &
tribulations into becoming the country that it is, and
so are Indians doing it. We need can-do people who
have faith & belief in our own. We don't need the sort
of deprecating remarks you make about Indians. It is a
gross insult to the large number of Indians (including
the likes of Parivartan) who are part of a daily
struggle to make India a better place and ,unlike you
or me living in the land of nuts & honey, have had the
courage to ask "what they can do for the country and
not what the country can do for them".


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