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Re: the truth about America....

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
On reading Vamsi's response I am led to believe that I completely failed
to make him see my viewpoint.  I do not wish it to be a shouting match =

between two individuals in a common forum and thereby downgrade myself =

to the same level of filth and name calling that I so passionately =
loathe.  However, some of his comments need a response and I would try =

to accomplish that as civilly as I can.

To answer the concern in his first invective, let me assure him that no,
I am not an American agent trying to infiltrate a very important chat =
room of Indians where matters of profound importance and great =
philosophical significance are debated and decided upon.  I am a 54 year
old, a graying son of a bitch from the lowly Bengal, a bank regulator by
profession and over 30 years in this country and in this city.   I have
been a part of this debate almost from the beginning when Sanjeev Sablok
started it.  I hope that satisfies the concerns of Mr. Vamsi.

Yes, I feel America is my home, a place to protect just as my dear India
is, and, it is my duty to stay behind this country in these moments of =

perilous contingencies, as George Will has most appropriately called it.
 Starting my life here from a suitcase, I believe I achieved some =
financial and emotional tranquility like many other Indian brothers of =

mine, including Vamsi.  Like no other country in the world including our
own land, this country has embraced us, recognized us and given us food,
protection and shelter as a rewards for the honest work we performed.  I
would take a couple of breath before I begin to trash it altogether. =20

Furthermore, I do not think after 30 years and achieving some level of =

visibility in the financial world, my American experience needs to be =
reaffirmed or refuted by an article from the Times of India.  =
Nevertheless, the article recites a common theme nowadays, which is how
an individual( in this case Mr. Uday Menon) or a group of individuals or
businesses were subjected to hate and bias reactions and heckling.  I =
believe I decried these incidents as forcefully as anyone else and my =
post indicates that.  What I object to and continue to do so is the =
statement or implication that these events are in someway symptomatic of
American character, where immigrants live in fear and guns are aimed at
their backs and their lives are lived as  second class citizens.  It is
emphatically not so as most of us participating in these debates would =

confirm.  What happened in some of the ethnic minority communities are =

knee-jerk responses to unforeseen and unexplainable events and can be =
attributable to fear and ignorance in a country gripped with anxiety and
apprehension.  In no way shape and form, such sporadic events should be
characterized as representing a pattern. They are not typical of =
American scene by any stretch of imagination.

I continue to stress that given the size of this country and the ethnic
mix of its people and against the backdrop of such unforeseen =
devastating terror.  such hate crimes are minimal and statistically =
insignificant.  Please do not conclude that I tend to rationalize or =
justify them in any manner by the above statement.   They are not, as =
each incident is deplorable and should never have taken place to begin =

with.  Having said that,  I also believe from personal experience that =

vast majority of Americans do not allow, support or participate in these
attacks and/or condone them.  Far more than the attacks reported in the
press are the instances where America empathized with the minorities, =
especially Muslims and extended a helping hand in their moments of =
isolation.  I have attached to this post an article written by an =
erudite Muslim, addressing the American Muslims, which will be far more
revealing, incisive and thoughtful than the article from the Times of =
India.  It is a word document.

Patriotism has become a bad word these days, a decadent emotion, a =
bourgeois bullshit.  Being in America I learned the value of such an =
emotion and my life has been enriched in the process.  An American in =
the street may be naiv=E9 asking Bin Laden to kiss his Irish ass, but he
is one determined motherfuc--r ready to do impossible things to protect
his country and its people and interests if needed.  If our mother India
could give birth to some such Indian Jihadis to protect her torn =
backside and put some smile back in her sad face by building the country
brick by brick, foolish but resolute instead of enlightened, corrupt and
word-spinner,  we would have removed the smell of the third world from =

our skins long time ago. =20

If ever Mr. Vamsi decides to lead such a campaign, he will find me an =
ardent follower.  Before that, let's recognize goodness when we see it.



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> Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

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> Priyo wrote:
> > There is no comparison between the voices of peace and hate in these

> > matters.  It is
> > time that we acknowledge that the freedom, opportunities and the =
> > of contrasting viewpoints that characterize the American psyche is =

> > unique in this world and were instrumental for guys like Vamsi and I
> > reach these shores and stay here.
> What you say is baloney!  Here is some food for thought:
> http://www.timesofindia.com/articleshow.asp?art_id=3D1495183458
> Sincerely,
> Vamsi M.

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