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Importance of solving Pak issue

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I wanted to add one more point to my previous post. In the
last paragraph of that post I was talking about how I do not
wish to make China the ideal for us to strive towards. I just
wanted to add that economically one of the biggest reasons
we are "lagging behind" the rest of South East Asia is simply
because of our refusal (yes, I said refusal) to resolve the
Kashmir issue. Or at least to move beyond it. Btw, I do
believe Pakistan is just as equal to blame, but India could
have done better.

Ask yourselves the following simple questions.

Q: Who is the USA's biggest trading partner?
A: Canada.

Q: Who is China's biggest trading partner?
A: Japan.

Q: Who is Germany's biggest trading partner?
A: France.

Q: What do the above pairs of countries have in common?
A: They are geographical neighbours.

Now, ask yourself:

Q: Who is India's closest and largest neighbour?

The answer is obvious. It begins with the letter P. I do not
consider China a neighbour, rather a nearby country, given
the geographical terrain across which we share a tiny
portion of our border with China, and due to which all
trade with China must occur either via air or sea, not land.

Economic growth is easiest when you can sell goods in
your own neighborhood, and when you can transport the
goods via land. Not when you have to ship goods or
parcel them via air. It is obvious that to experience real
solid economic growth, we absolutely need to get the
Kashmir issue resolved, so that both Pakistan and India
can benefit from the fruitful trade that will undoubtedly
result afterwards.

Do not blame "hegemonic powers" for India's position in
the world. India and Pakistan together are the ones to
blame for their own downfall in the world economy. Make
friends with your closest neighbour and just watch how
prosperity magically spreads in the sub-continent.


Rahul Mittal.

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