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Re: the truth about America....

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
As a past participant to the India policy debates, I always had a =
healthy respect for Vamsi's views.  I cannot believe that he would make
a comment like this in his post.  The Romanian dispatch may be a =
propaganda or whatever, but compared to the level of atrocities that was
perpetrated on the US, hate crimes and assault on minority businesses =
were minimal and I happen to know as I live in New York and remain =
active in the community.

Guys like Vamsi love to live in the US but also love to criticize it =
whenever they can.   If the Americans really pointed their guns at your
back you would have been a history long time ago my dear friend.  If =
what happened on September 11th had happened in India, the biggest =
democracy, thousands of Muslims would have been slaughtered by now in =
riots on mere suspicion and thousands more after confirmation.  Yes, it
is true, a number of unfortunate hate crimes did take place and some =
lives were lost, but compared to the scale of devastation this country =

suffered those atrocities are insignificant.  I happen to believe our =
leaders and the media did an excellent job in keeping bigotry and =
xenophobia under control and ordinary Americans, across the land, =
displayed extraordinary virtues in patience and tolerance.  In many =
places hundreds of Americans have gathered around Islamic centers in =
symbolic gestures of protection and embrace of American Muslims.  I know
it first hand.  In many cities, Christian congregations have started =
wearing hijab to identify with fellow Muslim women.  There is no =
comparison between the voices of peace and hate in these matters.  It is
time that we acknowledge that the freedom, opportunities and the =
tolerance of contrasting viewpoints that characterize the American =
psyche is fairly unique in this world and were instrumental for guys =
like Vamsi and I to reach these shores and stay here.  So please do not
shit where you eat.=20

As an Indian-American I am proud to acknowledge that I feel safer here =

than in the back streets of our Indian cities and I am willing to give =

credit where credit is due.    There is nothing more untrue for Vamsi to
state that "there is little respect for anyone that seems "un-American"
".   I do not know where he lives, and perhaps in the boondocks of =
Georgia or West Virginia or Oklahoma it is so,  but here in this great =

city of New York and many other similar communities like such comments =

are laughable.  There is nothing uniquely American here except hot dogs
and coke and beer cans.  And that's what provides the city its vibrancy
and pizzazz.=20

It is time that we refrain from making these irresponsible and =
inherently hypocritical statements.  We Indians are masters of criticism
and faultfinding and not much action thereafter.  In my many years of =
involvement in the Indian community and seeing first hand the endless =
criticism and bickering that originate in the finest educated and =
intellectual minds, I grow increasingly pessimistic about our ability to
create lasting values despite best intentions.  That's why we cross the
seas and then drown in a pond.   Please Vamsi, at least you, should not
be a prey to such simplistic prognostications.   America has many faults
and criticizable weaknesses but overall it is the best place to live in
the world and let us give it some credit.  You know more about that than
anyone else.


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