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Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

Ritu Ko wrote:

> I am wondering how to bring this your attention, but the world has changed
> significantly since 1945. At that time, the world was divided into two camps
> [remember the Allies vs Axis?]

Yes much like today's NATO vs. the Free World....except no one would
dare to think different today!!

> and all attempts were on to end the war as soon as possible. Only one country had the
> atomic bomb and it used it

India's defense policy MUST follow this same dogma or else we are at the
mercy of
others.  Today, only one country (India) must have the best weaponry so
that everyone
will believe our propoganda completely in the hopes of feeling secure
under our
military apparatus and no one will ever question us - I like
that....don't you?!

> Today not only do many countries have the access to weapons of mass
> destruction, a lot of rogue groups do as well.

Yes, the rogue hegemonic nations also have access to nukes and they
didn't want a
democratic India to have such weapons.  Don't you see?  We are the good
guys here!!

> You need to look only as far as the US today to appreciate the sheer uselessness of
> building a huge nuclear arsenal.

For the last time, low-yield nukes are not nuclear weapons in the
traditional sense.
India MUST build the strongest military in the world to protect its
integrity or risk
being raped!!

> And Vamsi, if we are at all serious about protecting our heritage and
> culture, then maybe the best place to start would be to take another look at
> what our shastras proscribe in such instances. I wonder if you remember the
> restraints our sages put on the use of Brahmastra.

Yes, we will build the strongest military in the world and use restraint
afterwards -

> What we need is a system of defence and a working foreign policy.


> Well, truth be told, I had already forgotten what day it was. Sure it is
> irritating to be pulled up for doing what the others had been doing for
> ages, but it was to be expected as well. We are an imminently pushable
> country. We bleat about our potential and orchestrate an yearly decline in
> our society, polity and economy. Why would the world take us seriously when
> we don't take ourselves seriously?

Good point but why did you forget such an important date....here it is
again: May 11th,
1998 is the day when India stood against the powerful nations to protect
its freedoms
and heritage!!

> And frankly, this constant harping on threats from hegemonic others sounds
> essentially the same as the oft-abused 'foreign hand' of the 80s.

Yes, we have dirt in India too and in my mind the dirtiest beggars are
those that look
upon foreign powers as the good guys and don't see the light and realize
that India is
being threatened every day of every year and we are becoming complacent
in both domestic and foreign policies!!  In other words, the worst of
the beggars blame other beggars in the country for beating them in their

> Just a convenient way to focus our attention away from real problems and issues.
> Rahul brought up an excellent point - the abysmal safety precautions in all
> our nuclear installations. I don't see you addressing that point or any
> other serious point that has been raised.

I was talking about low-yield nukes and if the safety of nuclear
facilities is an
obstacle then let us consider that too....whatever it takes to build the
military in the world!  We will face any burden but we will never bow to
any beggars
from within India or foreign powers!!

> If we object to being pushed around [and I do], all we need to do is put our
> own house in order. Have you ever seen the US push China around?
> I haven't.

Precisely my point, China has a much stronger military and a greater
nuclear arsenal -
no one will push them around!!  Thank you so much for bringing this up! 
I can't
understand why some Indians play "chicken" when it comes to national
defense, weapons,

Vamsi M.

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