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Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Vamsi wrote:
>Sticking to the topic, low yield nuclear weapons are not nuclear
weapons in
>the traditional sense and may our armed forces be prepared with the
>weaponry to protect India, our interests, our heritage, and our people
>no one else would dare say that we don't have a choice like those in
>and Nagasaki!!

I am wondering how to bring this your attention, but the world has
significantly since 1945. At that time, the world was divided into two
[remember the Allies vs Axis?] and all attempts were on to end the war
soon as possible. Only one country had the atomic bomb and it used it,
almost universal approbation, in fact.

Today not only do many countries have the access to weapons of mass
destruction, a lot of rogue groups do as well. According to the latest
reports, even Al Quaida has bought them from somewhere. There is a
flourishing black market of nukes. So even if our nuclear weapons act as

deterrents as far as our neighbours are concerned, they do not make us
appreciably secure. You need to look only as far as the US today to
appreciate the sheer uselessness of building a huge nuclear arsenal.

And Vamsi, if we are at all serious about protecting our heritage and
culture, then maybe the best place to start would be to take another
look at
what our shastras proscribe in such instances. I wonder if you remember
restraints our sages put on the use of Brahmastra.

What we need is a system of defence and a working foreign policy.

>Indians will NEVER forget the day (May 11th, 1998) when we had to stand

>against the hegemonic powers to explain to them that we will not turn
>backs on our national security and that we will will bear any burden to

>protect our liberty!

Well, truth be told, I had already forgotten what day it was. Sure it is

irritating to be pulled up for doing what the others had been doing for
ages, but it was to be expected as well. We are an imminently pushable
country. We bleat about our potential and orchestrate an yearly decline
our society, polity and economy. Why would the world take us seriously
we don't take ourselves seriously?

And frankly, this constant harping on threats from hegemonic others
essentially the same as the oft-abused 'foreign hand' of the 80s. Just a

convenient way to focus our attention away from real problems and
Rahul brought up an excellent point - the abysmal safety precautions in
our nuclear installations. I don't see you addressing that point or any
other serious point that has been raised.

If we object to being pushed around [and I do], all we need to do is put
own house in order. Have you ever seen the US push China around?
I haven't.


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