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Re: free-markets in the time of anthrax

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1. Yes, there is no country which is a free market. But the idea of
remains an ideal for some. I tried to analyse the flaws in this belief
in an
which can be seen in the publications page of ipi.
2. It is not that whoever wants more government control is automatically
leftist. One can also see, for example, that fascists or for that
religious fundamentalists
want total control of government. I think it is time we moved beyond any

kind of labels and analysed each issue on its own merit.
What is important is to look into the questions of what kind of
intervention, in what manner and its consequences on society at large.
3. When you acknowledge that 'free market' has not existed anywhere, on
would you advocate it to be the ideal which needs to be understood as
something distinct
from neo-liberalism? I think we can understand the article cited better
we don't have
the predeliction of 'free market' as an ideal and go ahead with noting
points that are made.
Broadly speaking, 'neo-liberalism' refers to the idea of allowing
trade by reducing barriers and by reducing government interventions
'Keynesian approach' was the one that was
adopted in the USA in the early 20'th Century of Government expenditure
be a major stimulus
for boosting the economy. I think all that the article has tried to
argue is
that things
seem to be going the Keynesian way whereas these very same agencies,
the other
day, spoke of neo-liberalism as an ideal. Perhaps many people won't
with this.
Otherwise, how would one explain huge deficit spending being planned by
government, which
was exactly what Keynes had prescribed at a different historical
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> A couple of things....
> 1. The US today is not a free market in its true sense. It has not
> a
> free market since the 1900s. In fact I dont know a country which is a
> free
> market today.
> 2. Guys like Charles Schumer are leftists and they want more govt
> control in
> everything. The current situation is a boon for all people who want
> govt influence in daily lives.
> 3. The second article is points discrepancies between free market and
> "neo
> liberalism" - well there was no free market at all. All we have are
> shades
> of "mixed economy" - whatever that might mean. No, Please dont blame
> capitalism and free market for the evils caused by "mixed economy" -
> which
> is essentially a controlled market/economy.
> Thanks
> Rohit

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