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RE: free-markets in the time of anthrax

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
10/18/01 5:50:36 AM, "Rohit Sharma" <r_j_sharma@yahoo.com> wrote:

>1. The US today is not a free market in its true sense. It has not been

>a free market since the 1900s. In fact I dont know a country which is a

>free market today.

i'm in complete agreement. the point is that when governments
make pious claims of being motivated by free-market principles,
we should accord them with the skepticism they deserve.
>2. Guys like Charles Schumer are leftists and they want more govt
>control in everything. The current situation is a boon for all people
> who want more govt influence in daily lives.

agreed. and among those who 'want  more govt control in everything'
is the current US regime that proclaims its free market religion.

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