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Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Hi Guys !
>From thousands of kilometres away, & having not set foot in India ever,
I feel
a sense of loyalty to my mother country. Agreed, weapons provocative war
& not
peace. But reality, is that we don't live in an utopia. There will
always be
disagreement. I feel that we need to be more patriotic. Lets support
this nuke
policy (high or low yield nukes). Lets intimidate those around us. Make
believe that we are bigger, better & most powerful. This will stimulate
nation of positiveness, which will flow into all avenues of India's
economic included. Remember the public interviews of American citizens
on CNN,
"lets go to Afghanistan & kick Osama's butt". They love their country &
that America can achieve anything it desires, hence they are the super
both in terms of might & economy. We should support our country fully,
stimulate this positiveness. Do we really need to have the dollar in
India. 500
years ago, was America the leading power ? So why now, do we allow  the
rule the world. India has been a very self sufficient country for
thousand of
years. Have we forgotten who invented the "zero", the first abolution
infrastructure. Have we forgotten that while the rest of the world was
around naked or in animal skins, Indians were adorned in fine silk. We
need international opinion to tell us what to do. We can be self
Let not the Dollar divide and conquer us. Judging by many of the Indian
nationals living abroad, it shows that we don't believe in our country.
citizens abroad prefer building another nation, supporting governments
(even if
not directly, but certainly through paying of taxes etc, exchange of
that have negative foreign policies on India.
The world is ruled by the might of the sword, as much as we won't
believe this,
its true. America has offered many countries, militant groups etc
assistance, in exchange for services that have helped build its economic
Saudi Arabia, one of the richest oil producing nations, has American
barracks, in echange for allowing America to influence its foreign
policies. Why did Saudi accept the American assistance, & not opt to ask
help from a non nuclear superpower ? This is also true for Kuwait.
America is
now disguising this sword as a pen.
Indians, lets support India in its nuke program, & lets make a bigger
which will result in a mightier pen.

Mervin Rughbeer
South Africa

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Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
> destroy life and electronic equipment within a certain perimeter!  In
> words, low yield nukes are very efficient in achieving military
> which is why India should develop them before anyone else.


So you are actually advocating the deployment of nuclear weapons
for reasons other than to serve as a deterrent. I am sorry sir, but the
any country actually uses nuclear weapons to achieve military
I think you and I will have no choice but to be looking forward to the
end of the world in a matter of a few days.

> > India will never be able to use a Nuclear weapon as the
> > sanctions that will
> > follow will ruin the country. Moreover its own cities are vulnerable

> > nuclear attack!!
[Jasmin G Shah]

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