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Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
> easily now than ever before. Musharraf doesn't have a
> whole
> legislative assembly that he has to convince before
> making any
> agreements with India (Yes I believe some agreements
> can be reached).
> For once we can make friends with our neighbour.
> "Friends?", you ask? The concept might sound strange

Can you spell out possible "agreements" between India and Pakistan on
Kashmir? As far as I see these are the only options for India :

1. Give Kashmir to Pakistan in which case they will start going after
some other Indian state. They will also eliminate the remaining minority
Hindus and Buddhists in J&K.

2. Divide Kashmir on religious lines and handover muslim dominated areas
to Pak. This will be a repeat of partition tragedy. And again pak will
start going after some other state.

3. Declare J&K as an Independent country. Is this practically possible?
Pak claims that PoK is  "Independent Kashmir". That is their idea of
freedom for Kashmiris. Does any one in the world agree to this claim?

Will pak accept anything less than the whole Kashmir? Does Indian Govt.
need trouble in kashmir to sustain itself or is it the Pakistani govt.
which needs to keep Kashmir boiling? Kashmir is hardly an issue during
elections in India but for every Pak. govt. Kashmir is the issue to whip
up voters passions(In the rare event of elections being held). Pakistan
is a terrorist state which denies its own citizens voting rights and
then "morally supports" other peoples fight for their rights. Why should
we accept this?

Why do we need to presume that what ever Indian govt. did in Kashmir is
wrong? Pakistan is only playing a dirty game which I feel will lead to
its own destruction. India just has to wait patiently till the fire
started by Pakistan burns its own house.Yes, the price that we have to
pay for freedom and national integrity is very high in terms of money
and human life.


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