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Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

I am not aware of any treaty effecting low yield nukes as I understand such
weapons do not qualify as nuclear weapons as the fissionable material never
really reaches "explosive" threshold but does generate intense radiation to
destroy life and electronic equipment within a certain perimeter!  In other
words, low yield nukes are very efficient in achieving military objectives
which is why India should develop them before anyone else.

Is there an international treaty banning the use of low yield nukes....if so,
it may even effect nuclear reactors, etc. because the concept is very

Vamsi M.

jasmin g shah wrote:

> India will never be able to use a Nuclear weapon as the International
> sanctions that will
> follow will ruin the country. Moreover its own cities are vulnerable to
> nuclear attack!!
> Any country will opt for a huge conventional bomb instead of a low yield
> nuclear weapon because of taboo associated with nuclear weapons. This
> may only change when the nuclear threshold is crossed.

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