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Does Mr. Barun see something else that we have missed possibly?

One of the main reasons that Kargil didn't precipitate into a full scale "war"
is because of nuclear deterrence!!  In this century, nuclear deterrence will
continue to play a big part of diplomacy and the nuclear hegemonies would like
it very much if no one else challenged their supremacy - so then, who speaks
for India's Liberty?!!

Furthermore, low yield nuclear weapons combined with new missile technologies
will play a key role in future wars which will be quick and decisive, even
more so than today's.  Low yield nuclear weapons are well within India's reach
thanks to the recent nuclear tests; so again, I see an enhancement to India's
national security throughout this century because of these tests.

Vamsi M.

Barun Mitra wrote:

> There is no doubt that India's national security is the responsibility of
> India's national government. The question, however, is whether the N-blasts
> contributed to that security or not.  Recall the war in Kargil, just over a
> year after the blasts. Recall the assault on J&K Assembly complex on Oct 1,
> 2001. And recall all the incidents in between.
> Barun

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