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Re: Some other things I would not like to forget

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

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<P>You cannot keep harping on historic events. Sensible people of all
races and religious pursuits need to wake up soon and realse that
extremisn has no place in a progressive environment. If you wish to
eliminate poverty and suffering you have to revisit the old values and
evalute the role&nbsp;religion should play in the future- otherwise
you&nbsp;risk conflicts and&nbsp;slippage towards medival environment
when poverty and desease were rampant. Poverty and suffering breed&nbsp;
'terrorism' that we see today. IOts the only way the poor and weak can
respond against the dominant force.&nbsp;The root cause time and again
points to orthodox/extreme religious values. It therefore requires and
two prongod attack : curbing of religiuios thinking which encourages
dissent and elimination of poverty.&nbsp;<BR></P>
<P>anant trivedi&nbsp;</P></DIV>
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<DIV></DIV>Subject: Some other things I would not like to forget
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<DIV></DIV>Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and
propagate it!

<DIV></DIV>I do not want to forget that it were the western, and
especially British
<DIV></DIV>policies that led to the creation of Pakistan and Israel
which were
<DIV></DIV>based on
<DIV></DIV>dividing lndia and Palestine respectively along religious
lines giving
<DIV></DIV>to great suffering to innocent people for the next 50 years.
If it
<DIV></DIV>for such policies there would probably have been no need for
<DIV></DIV>in the subcontinent in the first place and no need for a
perpetual state
<DIV></DIV>war in the Middle East.
<DIV></DIV>There is no hope for mankind unless we start to regard human
beings as
<DIV></DIV>beings rather than as Hindus, Christians, Jews, Muslims,
<DIV></DIV>Indians or Pakistanis. The need in the world is not so much
to fight for
<DIV></DIV>rights of this or that group or country or race but the need
is to
<DIV></DIV>the Universal Rights of Man and Woman and work to restore and
<DIV></DIV>them no
<DIV></DIV>matter where one lives, what ones eats or wears and how one
worships and
<DIV></DIV>passport one carries. The struggle to bring dignity,
prosperity and
<DIV></DIV>to people is more important than the struggle to right the
percieved or
<DIV></DIV>wrongs against countries, religions, races, regimes and
governments. And
<DIV></DIV>struggle should cut across the manmade boundaries of nations
<DIV></DIV>Why should not a Muslim live without fear or discrimination
in India or
<DIV></DIV>Hindu live the same way in Saudi Arabia and the Jews the same
way in
<DIV></DIV>or Russia. An attack on one human beings rights, no matter
where he or
<DIV></DIV>is, should be construed as an attack on humanity. That is the
only war
<DIV></DIV>needs to be fought.

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