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Some other things I would not like to forget

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
I do not want to forget that it were the western, and especially British

policies that led to the creation of Pakistan and Israel which were
based on
dividing lndia and Palestine respectively along religious lines giving
to great suffering to innocent people for the next 50 years. If it
for such policies there would probably have been no need for nuclear
in the subcontinent in the first place and no need for a perpetual state
war in the Middle East.

There is no hope for mankind unless we start to regard human beings as
beings rather than as Hindus, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Palestinians,
Indians or Pakistanis. The need in the world is not so much to fight for
rights of this or that group or country or race but the need is to
the Universal Rights of Man and Woman and work to restore and enhance
them no
matter where one lives, what ones eats or wears and how one worships and
passport one carries. The struggle to bring dignity, prosperity and
to people is more important than the struggle to right the percieved or
wrongs against countries, religions, races, regimes and governments. And
struggle should cut across the manmade boundaries of nations and

Why should not a Muslim live without fear or discrimination in India or
Hindu live the same way in Saudi Arabia and the Jews the same way in
or Russia. An attack on one human beings rights, no matter where he or
is, should be construed as an attack on humanity. That is the only war
needs to be fought.

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