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Re: could not believe this....

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

Mr. Amar has brought a very good point to the debate room.  I made a similar
point before and that is the political leaders in India are no better than
their British masters that left the country....and now they are serving the
American masters too.  The democratic framework that is in place now is
probably the only ally for Indians, if we choose to use it - the politicians
that fill in the various ranks of Government are jeopardizing Indian culture,
pride, dignity, and India's place in the world!!

If it is so that the uneducated masses do not appreciate the simple elegance
of Indian Democracy then it is our responsibility, as patriotic citizens of
India, to educate them by participating in the political process ourselves and
reaching out to the masses!!

Vamsi M.

amar rao wrote:

> Yesterday I just came across a small news piece in
> Times of India that must make everyone feel sick about
> the people who claim to rule this country and speak
> tons about "ramrajya" and all the "S".
> The news read that India is making arangements to send
> a few tons of Wheat to the deprived people of
> Afghanistan. Well, my only concern is where was this
> wheat when poorest of the poor people of Orissa were
> hungry and were dying for food.
> This is really pathetic and sorry state of affairs.
> And our own opposition did not even care to bring it
> to public view.
> I surely am not against helping the people in need.
> But helping a neighbour when your own household is in
> distress is not easily digestable.
> Remember these were the same people that made the
> comments like ... the unfortunate villagers of Orissa
> ate mango kernels (of which they lost their life)
> because they like it? So much for our own elected
> pals.
> --
> amar

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