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Word of caution to US: Paki knavery afoot -- Editorial -- Omaid

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Word of caution to US: Paki knavery afoot


The role of the United States in precipitating the tragedies that struck

America on September 11, and the miseries Afghans themselves have faced
since the 1990s is clear and has been written about not only in this
newspaper but also in US and other Western press. The primary cause of
abetment of the perpetrators of these tragedies is Washington's reliance
Pakistan's fundamentalist-run intelligence agency, the InterServices
Intelligence (ISI) directorate. Of course, this was especially true
the Clinton administration, which through various means -- such as the
cooperation or understanding between the Clinton State Department and
in the oil-giant's "oil exploration" trips to Taliban-occupied
Afghanistan -- helped Pakistan to nurture the Taliban militia and their
associates. (eds: see the Editorial column in Omaid Weekly's previous
issues for further details on US-Pakistan-Taliban-Bin Laden relations.)

What has transpired in the past two weeks shows that the ISI is now
attempting to thwart the US-led international effort aimed at
global terrorism -- which mainly involves nixing Osama bin Laden and
uprooting the Pakistani-created international conglomerate of extremists
terrorists groups, collectively known as the Taliban. The ISI's
includes sending delegations of so-called religious scholars for
"negotiations" with the Taliban. The "negotiations" merely buy time for
ISI to revise its strategy -- which before September wasn't complicated
international scrutiny -- of completing Pakistan's long-planned
take-over of

Pakistan is now hurriedly trying to transport thousands of Arab
the vast majority belonging to Bin Laden's Al-Qaida network, and their
families from their bases and homes in Taliban-occupied parts of
to the border town of Quetta and its surroundings. These Arabs are being

introduced to the international community as Afghan refugees. Their
will now be paid by US taxpayers and funds from the UN and

Pakistan is dead set on preserving its extremist and terrorist groups,
Islamabad hopes will deliver them an Afghan protectorate, control of
Kashmir, and influence over Central Asia -- in essence, "Greater
The ISI is bent on preventing aid to the United Front and support for
peace plan of former Afghan King Mohammad Zahir Shah.

The former King and the leadership of the United Front -- whose
and military wing, previously led by Ahmad Shah Masood (God's blessings
him), are now headed by his foremost protégés Mr. Yonnous Qanooni and
General Mohammad Fahim, respectively -- are now working closely together
fast pace to create a broad-based government in the wake of the
impending demise. (Contrary to Pakistani-influenced news reports and
commentaries, the United Front, erroneously referred to as the "Northern

Alliance," also includes large number of Pashtoons.)

ISI-agents, under the guise of high-ranking military officers and
diplomats, are being sent to Washington in droves, all with varying
and differing proposals, such as penetrating and disrupting the peace
process of the former King, providing false information to news agencies
naïve reporters, and in some cases, posing as journalists themselves.
was the case this Saturday: In an interview with CNN, Pakistani
Talat Hussain spoke about the United Front's Pashtoon problem,
intentions in Afghanistan, etc., all lies and misinformation right out
of an
ISI handbook.)

In addition to their subversive activities, Pakistan is pretending to
participate in the US-led international effort against terrorism. In
for its cooperation, Islamabad has drafted a laundry list of wishes and
wants, like a beggar except without a semblance of human dignity, such
the dissolution of billions of dollars of debt and lifting of all
Islamabad again wants to be the conduit of US and international aid to
Afghanistan. And once again, Pakistani generals and ISI agents will fill

their pockets and Pakistan's war chest with this aid, as they had done
during the Afghan war of resistance against the former Soviet Union.

It is for these reasons that the US and Washington's policymakers must
listen to this cautionary advice: Do not be hoodwinked, once again, by
Pakistani knavery; consider your suffering at the hands of Bin Laden's
terrorist acts and the long and unspeakable agonies of the people of
Afghanistan at the hands of Bin Laden and Pakistan; take decisive and
steps toward saving American lives, international peace and stability,
the entire nation of Afghanistan; do so by uprooting and destroying the
Laden network, the Taliban monstrosity, and especially the puppeteer of
these evils, Pakistan's ISI and key figures like Hamid Gul,
Naseerullah Babar, and that country's countless false mullahs and

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