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Re: why suck up to the US after sanctions?

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Indians are Children, for some 54 years, we have proved how
incompetant we can be !

-    Example premature gagging of Gen. Kariappa > todays Kashmir Problem

-    Staring a fire in Ceylon and not able to to put it down, till light

explodes in our face
-    Promoting Bindrenwalan and then dropping him cold.
-    Liberating Bangladesh and handing it all  to TWO-TAXI  loads of
Armed men
     Even when USSR, a professional advised us, we desired to prove our
thinking was right !

How could Nehru have own embassey in Moscow, and still belive in
facade !
Eirther he or his Embassey did not attend to details.

They are like Indian Doctors !  They get doctored by Medical salesmen !
Like our IAS officers who ask a company sale's man how much is in it
form him.

Then they bits the ears of  the Minister. Then they put their heads
to float a tender.

Who says we are not  children:  We have to take Pada Namashkar of Uncle
for waking up
in time for our needs. Our mewing did not shake him up till debris fell
on him
! But India is a strange
country with very strange logic, so is our Mushraaf bhai. After all he
drank Jamuna water once !

Our practice : Beg at the gates for water to put out one's clothes on
When the household runs to save you  with buckets of water, as you are
near to
their house !
Indian says "NO" I dont like  well water to douse it, my family members
only Mullah's water.
Then cunningly ask : How much is in it for me ? !  to ignore and crush
Mullah !
In this way we are not Children.

Gen. Mushraf has better sense behind his Guns.

Like a good American Salesmen he faces a stupid question: " Oh what a
wonderful Question "
" Sure we are here to help you "  then comes down note by note to : You
attack from Pak-territory.

The one who sought his help looks like an idiot ! His " Come I will help

is only a cruel Joke".
To buy time.

With a couple of more long beards shuttling to & fro, one wouldnt know
flight brougt back
to safety Uncle "OSAMA " All will be glued to the facade of turbans and
in shawls.
So the Oriental has genetic cunning, only it looks cheap at time. If he
is not
cheap there are enough
advisers amongst the IAS to do a PL-480 job in shameless manner !

If we look MAD there is a method behind the madness. If we are inactive
is back side
program working. Thank God we have a PRESS & A JUDICIARY !

Neither India or Pakistan will allow its bases, for the leaders fear the

spilling over of details
connected with their stash away bank accounts. So our secularism jhas
thing to do with
other things like income from Drug peddling. OSAMA or LTTE are not what
seem. For their
own people they are GODS for they have been brain washed. If CIA agrees
to buy
up and publish
the rights to the Vouchers signed by Ms. Indra Ghandhi for hard rupee
cash for
fighting the elections,
in her great days, then the Congessmen will drop out of any loud
mouthing. The
BJP will feel happy,
and hand over any base. All of this breed have skeletons in the Cup

Best is a simple new law incorporated in the CONSTITUION:

No Citizen can practice, or preach any religion that spews hate at
Indian. There should be special
court or tribunal to try these cases outside the present Court

Punishment should be warning to begin with.
Second time offence, defrachisement, and bonded undertaking.
Third time all assets freeze, and
Fouth occasion withdraw the citizenship.
Fifth time permanent State Guest in a specil Jail.

vamsi@siliconcorp.com wrote:

> ----------------------------------------
> So the US looks at Indians like we are little children and imposes
> sanctions after the tests....and then later retracts.
> INDIA: Indian intelligence officials say they have given the United
> States information about Islamic extremists in Afghanistan and
> including evidence on bin Laden and other Muslim militant leaders.
> Officials also say India is ready to let the United States use its
> military bases for any retaliation
> To sum up catch India or Pakistan helping Uncle Sam, unless
> there
> is some thing in it for them !

regards Sai Ram Sathya_kumar

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