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Re: Re: Defence Deals

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On Thu, 29 Mar 2001, Navaneethan Sundaramoorthy wrote:
         I doubt if there were any vested interests in their
 corruption-finding, except their own success as a media company with
 emphasis on content (which many start-ups lack). Whatever their
 interests or their biases, i believe what they have done has to be
 appreciated. Of course, everyone knows there is corruption going on
 everywhere. We were simply looking away. Now this has made the nation
 sit-up and think...

I am not convinced the Press should be allowed to get away with its biases
and interests while claiming to be Free. Either it be really Free or wear
its interests on its sleeve. The power of the Press is too big for us to
allow it to fool the consumers. Hence I am interested in knowing why the
IB had interrogated this dotcom. Because if it hasn't been Free, then all
its products has to be branded as such and then allowed into the market.
If the IB had interrogated one of its (three) main players, for whatever
reason, the citizenry has to know those reasons to be able to value its
products appropriately. I believe the dotcom's videos have certainly made
the nation sit-up. In front of the TV. The thinking part, I am not sure
what it is about that you say it does. I am looking for a detailed report
on the IB's reasons. And this I have not come across in the Press, after
that initial report of that interrogation having occured.

I don't think we should be forever raining on the government without
checking about the Free in the Free Press. Otherwise it is merely
exchanging one monster for another, and a less controllable one at that.


Padmanabha Rao

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