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Freedom First

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

To the moderator

Freedom First is a Liberal Quarterly founded by Minoo Masani in 1952 the =
leading spokesman of Liberalism in India and who in association with =
C.Rajagopalachari founded the Swatantra Party, again post independent =
India's only Liberal party. Between 1952 - 1985 it was a 16 page monthly =
to educate people on the true nature of international communism and its =
Indian communist stooges. With the collapse of the Soviet Union the =
journal converted itself into a 48 page quarterly in 1985. . I mention =
all this merely to establish its credentials.=20

The last issue dealt with corruption and the current one is on the Armed =
Forces,the earthquake etc.I have also referred to debates on this =
website without naming the site or the persons who said it because I do =
not have your permission or of the person making the comment.=20

Those who are interested in securing specimen copies with a view to =
considering subscribing may email me their mailing addresses. We shall =
be glad to send ,with our compliments, a copy of the issue on corruption =
(October-December 2000).

My email id. freedom@vsnl.com

Thank you for your time.


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