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Re: EU Can Stifle Criticism

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Interesting post. EU is one of a kind. Indeed a test case of how countries 
with different cultures and indeed historically bitterly hostile can come 
together for the common good. How this experiment goes in Europe has 
implications for other parts of the world such as the Indian subcontinent.

Unfortunately the driving force behind EU is not so much to bring unity of 
the European people but is rather a desire of former colonial powers to 
maneouvre themselves into a better position economically and strategically in 
a changing world that would otherwise be dominated by much larger countries 
such as the U.S., China, Canada, Australia and India etc. 

To expect EU to be a moral authority in Europe or the world rather than a 
mere market alliance is expecting too much. The role of the European Union in 
the destabilization of Yugoslavia should dispel any pretensions in this 

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