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RE: Ambassador of Afghanistan at USC

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Padmanabha wrote >
   <<I think it's time to get REAL facts of the
matter. Masood may be a nice
guy, no doubt, (and the ambassador says as much), but
I wonder if WRONG facts have been bandied about too
often and very effectively against the
taliban. The ambassador makes a compelling case about
his government.>>

I think what young ambassador says about Taliban is
some what a gloss over.But to some extent of course
there appears some truth.Pl visit the sites for afghan
women .  

Never the less, as a policy for India, whether it is
Iraq or Afghanistan or finally ourselves, so called
sanctions are always working to fulfil interests of
dominance of west and effectively undermine ordinary
lives in third world.

We should ascertain that so called sanctions always go
against people and help fuel further crime and
anarchy.The actual wrong doers whether Taliban or
Saddam will never get punished.

After showering lots of praise and love , why clinton
never lifted sanctions on India ? Despite
acknowledging that Pak is the wrong doer?
After claiming love for environment ( Democrats) why
they should get a rebuke from europe for claiming
forest credits? Super power with double standards is
no less terror than those branded so , on ground.

Our policy should be of mutual ineterest with out any
prejudice against afghans.



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