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Re: Democratic political funding....

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

> In a message dated 3/21/01 8:44:14 AM Central Standard Time, maxv@vsnl.com
> writes:
> << Let us define *democratic political party* as
>  an organisation which derives 100% of it's funding
>  from  membership fee, every member pays equal
>  membership fee and elects it's leaders through
>  periodic polls in which at least 60% of the
>  members participate/vote. >>
> Are there any "democratic political parties" then and how do you go about
> creating such a system. I think greater transparency would certainly help,
> that people at least know whose money is talking. Even the more advanced
> democracies have not solved this problem either. I still think that the
> of political parties being allowed to raise money by lottery was indeed

Giving some prizes by conducting lucky dip for people who
pay the membership fee of the party is fine, that may
encourage more people to take membership of the party by
paying annual fee say Rs.100 per year. But each membership
should also come with the voting right to elect the leaders
of the party, otherwise the leaders will not have any
obligation/responsibility to the members, isn't it?


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