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Re: Indian Inquisition

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Oh no, its you again.  If you are not serious about discussing India and
you have merely surfaced to "hunt for Americans" then I suggest that you
slap on a turban and go charm a snake.

However, if you are serious, I inquire about the following:
1.  What is it about the structure of the Indian Economy that the Rupee
degenerates rather than say in some other economies where the ability of
their currency to "do work" appreciates?  This is as if the structural
fundamentals are so weak that the ability to aggregate "a quantum of
energy to ignite a self-sustaining reaction" are all but absent!!  No
wonder India needs so much of FDI to keep the reaction going?!

> At long last an American wiuth Vision and clarity of
> thought!
> Please share with us your views on how to improve
> the misery of Indians
> which is what this forum is all about.
> If you cannot and started this thread merely to
> "avenge" the American
> Bashing I think you have made your point.. its time
> to go and play
> elsewhere.
> A Guru

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