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My view

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Hi members,

I an new to the group and this is my first email.I have seen only two 
pages of
www.indiapolicy.org and I have joined the group.Here are my views for 
problems of India.

The problem in the India is

1)FAULTY SYSTEM.I can give explanation for that but I think
it is not needed
2)ATTITUDE OF MAJORITY PEOPLE. People are just busy in their routine
   and do not want to do much about the wrong thing going around them or do
  know what is the exact problem and what a normal person can do? 
 I find lot of organisation and people doing charity work which is good 
but not the
 solution of the problems. 

According to me following can be the solution.

1) Desining FAULT TAULERANCE SYSTEM by changing the rules, laws etc. and 

    implemanting it.
    Politicians and beauraucrates has power to change the system but 
they will not do it
    because if they do so their income coming through corruption will 
stop and they will
    get punished for what they are doing.Hence it will require great 
force to implement it

    So following are the possible ways

2)  a) Demand of SYSTEM CHANGE  to be put forward by crores of people of 
         media,NGOs at every level.
     b) Filing a PIL in Supreme court of India where we have to prove 
that problem is because of
         fault in the rules ,laws and by correcting it in a particular 
manner future problems can be avoided.
         So that court orders the goverment to change the rules or laws.
         Actually I require legal advice on this wthether this type of 
PIL can be filed or not.
         I can give detail explanation of what exact change required and 
in many case there is no need to
        pass any bill from parliament or assembly.

Please forward your views.



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