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RE: Indian Inquisition

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

Why bother who it is.. let one be any body from 
Sankaracharya to Bill Gates.
Can we not dwell on the substance one says?.

If one feels the substance is not in favour 
of india ,and is any less matured or more matured,
one may always prefer to say so in one's own terms 
with out side tracking by seeking identity etc...
after all what for ? 

When we can not tolerate some ones freedom of
 abrevating, consealing one's identity, we still
 think we are openminded debators ?

Earlier also I have noticed some body asking for
ones identity, address etc for what ? some body
even kindly responded for that plea.Do we have an
under current cbi, fbi like agency working here?
Other wise is it to go to his address and bang his
nose? then why? any bullying? In fact THAT is 
rudeness !

May I request owner of this forum to give
clarification please?(Still I belive this is 'aimed'
to be a forum of one of highest debating standards).


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