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Re: Enron India Problem

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On Fri, 23 Mar 2001, Gautam Sampath Kumar wrote:
 On our part our bureaucrats were stupid to agree to this, but we've
 learnt from our mistakes and this being a country-company contract, I
 should think that we must proceed to scrap the deal with enron. Or is
 the company more powerful than the country? When we deal with thieves
 and then realise we were robbed, any rational person would not think
 about agreements and honouring them. The Bureaucrats put India in the
 coffin and those Indians who voice their support for those
 thieves nail the coffin. I would suggest that some Indians first need
 get themselves a backbone.

I think one gets a backbone by displaying responsibility. MSEB SIGNED a
CONTRACT, voluntarily. Enron did not force it to enter the contract
against its wishes. If MSEB thinks it was a mistake it has only itself
blame, not Enron. Why do we miss such simple truths ? If I break a
contract, and rely on my power to destroy to contain it, then I am being

violent. Period. And violence is not in the least a rational act.
violence is good, not proactive violence. Did Enron break the contract ?

Then certainly destroy it.



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