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Re: Indian Inquisition

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Halder is either ignorant of Internet Technology or has missed "the
boat".  All identification on the net is "imaginary" unless otherwise
correlated to some fingerprints, retina scan, etc.  In other words a
person on the net is not a person in the traditional sense.

Instead, the moderator should read my message and Halder's and filter
the vulgarity.  It is evident that Halder is neither intelligent nor
polite which he is asking from the rest of us - still bursting out
laughing (BOL).....BOL....

halder@apk.net wrote:

             This man/woman/trans-sexual who does not
even disclose his/
          her/its identity is such an idiot that
he/she/it does not know
          that I have been living in the United States
longer than most
          Americans.  It is extremely simple for any
person with a brain
          to learn the address of anyone who has a
listed telephone

             => White Pages

             I ask the list owner not to post anything
form any person
          1. who does not want to disclose his/her/its
identity; and
          2. who does not meet the minimum
intellectual standard of a list

             where most subscribers have advanced
education and are highly


             -- Biswanath Halder

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