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Re: Indian Inquisition

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Don't be ridiculous!  I am reminded of the "Golden Generation" of India
who had the courage and the inclination to stand up against the British
50 years ago.

You people on the other hand (and all other generations after) are
content with forming a "boyz club" and bashing all the other countries
around the world and feeling good about yourselves!

So, before you ask me to "be courageous" and reveal my identity why
don't we first become more than a bunch of feel-gooders frolicking in
berry-ferry land and
show some courage and character yourself?  I have already revealed my
indentity - I am the Inquisitor.

You people are nothing more than the shadow of another generation that
betrayed the golden generation of India - you people don't even know how
to think on
your own;   Running low on self-esteem you are now gathered here to form
a boyz club of feel-gooders and comfort yourself!

--- Mokshay Madiman <mokshay@cfm.brown.edu> wrote:
> > Mr. Inquisitor,
> That is an arrogant, condescending and totally
> out-of-place statement.

> An ordinary Indian living in India does not
> typically hibernate, as you
> imagine, and is not necessarily shallow either. And
> at the same time, it
> is possible for such a (presumably) educated and
> America-settled person
> like you to be both shallow and a hibernator.
> cheers,
> Mokshay
> ps: you might at least have the courage to use your
> own name.
> pps: incidentally, i happen to be a NRI myself, if
> you are going to try
> using more "hibernating in India" criticism
> On Thu, 22 Mar 2001, The Inquisitor wrote:
> >
> > Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept
> it, and propagate it!
> >
> > halder@apk.net wrote:
> > >How wrong you are.  The United States is at the
> forefront of bribery.
> > In fact the >Americans teach the rest of the world
> the art and the
> > science of bribery.  If you >need evidence, I can
> mail you a lot of
> > documents.
> >
> > Really!!  But an ordinary Indian like yourself,
> living/hibernating in
> > India, commenting about America is quiet shallow!
> (bursting out laughing
> > - BOL).

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