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Democratic political funding....

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
What Tehelka.com tapes has proved once again is,
to run any political organisation needs money, if
the money is not coming from the members of the
organisation, the organisation will have to work
for the welfare of whoever gives the money!

It is true with BJP, Congress or any other
political party in India or anywhere else in the
world, unless democratic party funding is not purely
from the membership fee, the same story will keep

All the major political parties in India has
democratic framework, the *democratic part* is not
working because, their membership fee is too low to
sustain the democratic process, this works to the
*convenience* of *vested* interests!

We can see level of political corruption decreases as
money for running the party comes from a dispersed
sources like in many of the developed nations, where
larger number of people contribute money. In more 
corrupt nations where the political fund money 
comes from fewer number of sources. As long as 
democratic political parties takes donations, they 
cannot be truly democratic, people who give more 
money will have more say!

Let us define *democratic political party* as
an organisation which derives 100% of it's funding
from  membership fee, every member pays equal
membership fee and elects it's leaders through
periodic polls in which at least 60% of the 
members participate/vote.


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