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Re: Bizzare

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
I fully agree with Sanjai that India is a much more violent society and we 
almost accept violence as a way of life and do not regard it as an 
aberration. Violence starts in Indian homes and schools where children are 
abused without getting many eyebrows raised, and carries on in the streets to 
settle any issue from a traffic altercation to business deals. Spousal abuse 
is at least pervasive if not socially acceptable.  Law enforcement is nothing 
but police brutality against ordinary citizens and politics is an 
increasingly violent game in India. In fact we are so desensitised to 
violence against persons that battery, assault and other violent crimes 
against persons are rarely ever investigated or tried. Thousands of people 
have died in orchestrated communal violence in India and no one has ever been 
punished nor mechanisms evolved to prevent breakdown of law and order. For us 
to imagine that we are less violent than the U.S. or less brutal than the 
Taliban is indeed bizzare. 

In a message dated 3/14/01 10:26:11 AM Central Standard Time, 
skukreti@home.com writes:

<< A Guru <a.guru@india.com> wrote:
 > This is slowly degenerating into a farce but I just cant help wonder what
 > your famed statistics will show vis a vis the following:
 > The % increase in the young in the US who are getting more and more prone
 > violent outbursts as compared to % increase in the bride burning episodes
 > India (to make it non biased you may add both the leftist and rightist
 > burnings! ;-))
 > Regards,
 > A Guru
 I don't see how you can treat the issue of bride-burnings as a farce. It's a
 real social tragedy -- one which is illustrative of the predatory nature of
 Indian society. Why do you think people leave it?
 The reality is that there is no shortage of people wanting to go to the
 United States, but there isn't anyone cramming to get into India.
 I don't see how the rare school shooting in the USA makes it a worse society
 than India. In India, you see mass-shootings occurring in villages, which
 just doesn't happen in the USA. That's why such a shooting will make big
 news in the USA, while a big shooting in Bihar will only make news for a
 day, and then be forgotten.
 And to see you cackling over this, and calling it a "farce" shows what you
 are. It is because of people like you, that India is a basketcase society. I
 don't understand what your own standard of personal civility is, if you
 can't see the grave disparity between a backward country like India, and the
 average developed country. It's absolutely surreal and ridiculous to see you
 overlooking the glaring deficiencies and injustices in Indian society in
 sublime ignorance, while attempting to mock or poke fun at the rare incident
 in the USA.
 Can you not see how it makes you look? This is why I find these
 "discussions" on IPI to be just a lot of hot air. Some people with too much
 time on their hands, have nothing better to do than to pass gas and vent it
 on a mailing list. I don't know what social reform you could possibly be
 engaged in, other than feigning some fantasy of social contribution by
 typing on a keyboard, to give yourself a feeling of self-worth.
 I find these silly debates about 2+2=3 to be very primitive and deluded.
 They are flawed on the fundamentals -- I don't see how they can be the basis
 for any future social prosperity, justice or even coexistence. Socialism is
 a product of malcontents, by malcontents, for malcontents, and to which
 malcontents automatically gravitate. No society can be based on it. It just
 doesn't work.

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