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WSJ: U.S. Tech Slump to help Indian Tech Companies

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The U.S. tech slump is expected to stem the brain drain to the U.S., so that 
more good programmers remain in India.


Nonetheless, many tech execs here see more opportunity than danger from the 
downturn. They believe the downturn will spur U.S. customers to turn to 
India to cut costs. Last week, Nasscom said 73 major coroporations it 
contacted have said they intend to increase their outsourcing business with 
India. To garner even more contracts, Nasscom is planning a visit to other 
U.S. companies this month.

India has underpriced its U.S. competitors partly because its technology 
hasn't been considered to be of high quality. But recent advances by Indian 
tech firms have improved the industry's reputation, while its costs have 
been contained. The situation is helped further by the slowing down of the 
brain drain to the U.S., keeping better and less-costly programmers here.

"Sooner or later, businesses will realize that they still need tech to 
improve their productivity and cut their costs more efficiently, and we 
think of that as a major opportunity," says Mr. Kulkarni of the Karantaka 

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