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Re: Defence Deals :FLASH NEWS

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> Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2001 21:33:54 -0800 (PST)
> From: sandeeph@iname.com
> To: debate@indiapolicy.org
> Subject: Re: Defence Deals :FLASH NEWS
> Similarly, that Tehelka is a media outfit
> does not mean it is to be spared our
> skepticism either. There have been instances
> of the media being either a willing or
> unwitting tool in the hands of politicians
> intent on using it to throw muck on their
> rivals.
	Now, their rivals should try to get even -- throw muck on their
>         St Kitts is the most notorious
> example. When this controversy was raging,
> documents purporting to be secrent bank
> accounts of VP Singh were splashed on the
> front pages of newspapers. It took a few
> years for the truth about the forging of
> these documents to emerge.
	Forgery of documents is a crime.  The law enforcement mechanism
	in India should take care of that.
>                            And it is not
> as if the reputation of media is lily-white;
> mediamen may not be up there sharing honours
> with politicians and civil servants, but
> surely, in public perception, they are
> inching their way up. It is very much part
> of that system we all love to detest;
> not exactly an outsider.
	I never said that the reputation of media is lily-white.  Now,
	it is up to you and me to expose the misdeeds of the media.
> So by all means, question politicians and
> civil servants. But subject Tehelka also
> to scrutiny. Nobody is a sacred cow, nobody
> can claim immunity from questioning. And,
> in the interest of truth, all actors must
> be questioned.
	True, all actors should be questioned.  However, in this case
	Tehelka did a great job in exposing corruption at the highest
	echelons of the Government of India.
> Sandeep

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