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Re: Let's make India a US colony

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Here is a piece from Rediff, of an interview with the current defense 
minister's wife,

""What about your children ? Tell me something about them.

We have three children, two sons Jayant and Sumant and the eldest a 
daughter, Sharmila. Sharmila’s husband is in the Indian Foreign Service. 
Jayant and his wife Punita are both IIT products and are now placed in 

Sumant, also an IIT product, is employed in New York. Our daughter is at 
present in Hongkong where our son-in-law is posted. We are also blessed with 
grand children, Rishab and Aashir, both sons of Jayant, and Tanushree, 
daughter of Sumant. Sharmila has one son, Devansh."''

It shouldn't be too suprising to see our netas sending their childeren 
abroad, while they deceide the fate of millions here. Helps them make those 
hard corrupt decision without any complusions.

Have you wondered why our netas sometimes (all the time ) make crazy 
actions, why? Because many of them are paid servents of foreign powers, (who 
have no interest if India goes to dogs).

It is very easy to bribe an Indian politicians to work for any of the 
foreign powers.

God save our country.

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