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Re: Defence Deals :FLASH NEWS

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
>            I am least interested in finding out which venture
>         has funded Tehelka.com's little adventure, I do not want to
>         their motivation, and I am not particularly interested in
>         knowing their bias for or against any political party.

Similarly, that Tehelka is a media outfit
does not mean it is to be spared our
skepticism either. There have been instances
of the media being either a willing or
unwitting tool in the hands of politicians
intent on using it to throw muck on their
rivals. St Kitts is the most notorious
example. When this controversy was raging,
documents purporting to be secrent bank
accounts of VP Singh were splashed on the
front pages of newspapers. It took a few
years for the truth about the forging of
these documents to emerge. And it is not
as if the reputation of media is lily-white;
mediamen may not be up there sharing honours
with politicians and civil servants, but
surely, in public perception, they are
inching their way up. It is very much part
of that system we all love to detest;
not exactly an outsider.

So by all means, question politicians and
civil servants. But subject Tehelka also
to scrutiny. Nobody is a sacred cow, nobody
can claim immunity from questioning. And,
in the interest of truth, all actors must
be questioned.


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