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no difference between left and right in India

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

There is no parity violation in Indian politics; that is to say that
every politician is both left and right oriented resulting in chaos and
indirection in policy and execution.

Furthermore, I do not think that tehelka has harmed BJP as much as the
party has harmed itself by the following:
It was a clear sign that after the initial shock following the Tehelka
revelations - when virtually no one in the party was prepared to say a
good word on Laxman's behalf - the BJP had finally decided to rally
around him.  `We cannot afford to disown Bangaruji because it would
reflect badly on the party.  After all, he was chosen to head the party
and he was our chief representative. If his image is tarnished, so is
ours. So we have to defend him.''
rest of the article is at: http://www.timesofindia.com/today/18home2.htm

Vamsi M.

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