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Editorial on Buddha Destruction

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Padmanabha Rao writes:
>I don't get your point. The USSR is responsible to an extent to what's
>come about in Afghanistan. India too is responsible to a great extent
>what's happened in Kashmir. Neither of them are do-gooders. Just like
>any other greedy nation both of them have been aggressive. I submit I
>not aware of the historical facts to the details, and I ask you to
>why you think to the contrary. I believe, both the nations have >been
>violent, without a good invitation; and eventually sustained that
>contributing a good part to the current state of affairs. I am >proud
of my
>country where it behaves non-violently and in respect to >world law
>merely international law). And no this is not a self->hating Indian

You've admitted to your ignorance about Kashmiri history and politics.
history is beyond your comprehension, I suggest you at least read and
reflect on comments made by current world leaders like Kofi Annan,
President Clinton etc. Just to give you aheads up - all of them support
Indian postion.  There is nothing worse than trying to communicate with
someone who is not only ignorant but *knows* that he is ignorant.  There
a saying in Hindi "bhains ke Aage been bajaaYe".

>I believe we are wrong is holding the Kashmiris without their consent.
> >Perhaps the present manipulated numbers may not justify a correction
> >that mistake, but I think it was a mistake when it was first made and
>cannot ever remain in peace if we don't recognise and resolve that,
>unscrupulous and unethical Pakistanis notwithstanding. I look >forward
>your exposition here.

Absurd and naive comments.  Those kashmiris who wish to leave are
to leave and live in pakistan - absolutely no one is forcing them to
stay in
India.  Kashmir does not just belong to 'kashmiris', it belongs to all
Indians and until a majority of Indians say so, Kashmir will not be


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