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Re: Re: Defence Deals :FLASH NEWS

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
But the fact is that the BJP is not notorious for corruption. After all,
they're the ones who use religious puritanism as their fuel. It is the
Congress and similar Leftists who are notorious for corruption -- precisely
because of the fact that they need a substitute glue to keep their parties
united, and so they use corruption instead of religion.

Furthermore, the BJP are widely known to give very high priority to national
defense -- something which the other parties derisively refer to as
"hawkishness". Therefore I find it unlikely that BJP would be the worst
party for cheating the nation's defense.

I would be extremely interested in finding out which "venture capitalists"
have funded Tehelka.com's little adventure. I have a feeling that there may
be some motivation other than corruption-finding behind Tehelka's antics.
How long has Tehelka been in business? How long have they been reporting the
news? And what sort of slant do they put on their reporting? Are they a
neutral paper, or are they a paper which has biases for and against certain
parties and ideologies? I think it's worth looking into.

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> whether he is from the left or the right or the centre or top or bottom,
does not matter here. what matters is that he exposed some really sordid
things going on in the top political establishment, and we should be
thankful for that.

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