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Re: Balco privatization?

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

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> Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
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> On Sun, 11 Mar 2001 sandeeph@iname.com wrote:
>  The Balco controversy -- a wholly manufactured
>  controversy, for this has been the most transparent
>  deal ever -- should be a matter of concern to
>  members of this list.
> I have been able to read only the newspaper/tv reports on this. And
> there
> I have no information on the transparency whatsoever. 

I contest this statement. Even the government's
worst detractors have applauded the transparency
in the Balco deal. For example, The Hindu's editorial
of 26th February commends Mr Shourie for the 
transparency and openness built into the process
by him. The minister has voluntarily sumbitted 
all records of the sale to an audit by the CAG.
As to the process followed in the sale -- valuation
by an external assessor to competitive bidding --
it has been commented on abundantly in the media,
and nobody has found fault with either the process 
or its implementation.

Transparency does not mean walking around naked.
It does not mean that you and I must be updated
on a daily basis about the bidding processs. If
the government is making available enough information
to the public to infer that its claims are not 
grounded in falsehood, that is sufficient. Why 
don't you write to the ministry asking for whatever 
information you need?

I urge you also to peruse:



An excerpt:


This is a familiar game in political stonewalling of disinvestment. The
Thatcherite blitzkrieg of privatisation in Britain was not totally immune
from the accusations of the Labour Opposition of undervaluing ``family
silver'' for making a success of an obstinate policy of Government
withdrawal from industry and public utility services. ``Pitch for
unrealistic extortionate price bids for government enterprises and say that
there are no takers.'' At whatever prices Government equity is sought to be
transferred, blow the whistle and proclaim the suspicion of a sleaze. That
is the art of sabotaging privatisation. There is ground for believing that
it is this art which is now at work in New Delhi and Chattisgarh, with the
difference that in the new State, there is a brazen show of jingoism as well.



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