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Re: Education effect on economy

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On Fri, 16 Mar 2001, MV wrote:
 The communication infrastructure like Internet, Cell phones, etc. does
 not have any meaning unless the *skilled* traditional artisan in
 Rajasthan cannot *talk/do business* with Shopkeepers in Hydrabad,
 Bangalore, Chennai, London, New York, Singapore or
 Tokyo.....think........ We can follow three/two language formula in our

 schools, but the language of Instruction should be common in all the
 schools and it should be the same as the language of instruction in our

 universities.  That is the only way people of India can preserve our
 traditional skill sets, culture and prosper......

I admire the force and meaning in your arguments, Mr MV. But I am not
convinced of the following: why wouldn't the modern symbol-based
technologies (programmable devices) not help us solve the problem of
language-inefficiency, if our goal is purely to reduce the costs of
business transactions. If the problem is about the inability of being
conversant in many languages, that is quite solvable using translators
every transaction. And these translators can be in the form of mostly
non-maintenance, automated programmable devices, can't they ? I am
desperate for any solution that will give you the global efficiency
keeping all the thousands of languages in our world alive.


Padmanabha Rao

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